Hi! I'm Ashley. 

This blog is me sharing with you what our right here at home really looks like.  The nitty gritty and the heart talks. The breakthroughs. The good books. The observations of littles. The plans and hopes. The funny where I can find it. 

I stepped away from teaching 3 years ago, and I've been circling this house picking up toys ever since.  I have three boys and they offer great company. We are in the first year of homeschooling which means I keep asking Siri how to bend space and time. 


I'm a creative junkie. I paint bright colors and cook big meals. I dance and write and find joy breathing life into something new. But those are bonus. A lot of my day is in the folds of laundry tucked away and the pepper cracked on top of another egg. When I'm not busy getting the job done, I like getting quiet. Dark mornings. Blank pages. Walks outside by myself.  

I like talking to women about their lives. There are women scattered everywhere digging deep in lives that have come unexpected. I know unexpected. It's dressed up as a hard-won marriage, as a set of twins, as me still carrying on as a stay at home mom despite my housekeeping skills camped out at beginner. 

I've listened to so many women's stories of heartbreak and hard. There are babies hoped for. Babies lost. And babies coming out of the woodwork. There are worries about work and balance and complicated sacrifices, compromises, and stretching out over a multitude of needs. There is toil, vulnerability, and heck of a lot of hustle. 

But there's one thing that is absolute truth.  There is always good.  

I don't need an easy life. I don't want a perfect life. All I want is a good life. 

This good life?? 

It's not about mine (necessarily). What I mean to say is that life is good, that all our lives are good, and that it's worth declaring because sometimes .... sometimes, it just doesn't feel like it. 

All the things that have brought the richest experience and value into my life were won out of discomfort and struggle.  Hard work. Humility. Sacrifice. Faith of things unknown. I'm pretty selfish, so my vocation as wife and mother does a real number on me.  I'm careful not to complain too much about that, but it's true. I'm no natural. 

It's so refreshing for me to have this space. To claim license to joy. To share with you things about motherhood that are funny and good and lovely.  There is no shortage of those things. But once we talk about them they seem to pop and sparkle and dazzle us in new ways and louder voices. That's what I want of this blog. Goodness affirmed over and over and over again. Some of us huddled around chatting and sighing relief because despite the dishes and the to do list and the yet-to-be-answered-prayer and the pencil line drawn just today on the wall...

there is lots of good and we are here celebrating it!