It's Not Okay...

That I just woke up at 12:30 am and decided to have a bowl of cereal.

That my son tonight, with me in the very same room, decided to zip in the closet for a quick pee on the wood floor.

That my husband is in Connecticut just days before our delayed honeymoon to California, leaving me here to wake up at midnight with irrational fears like:

What if we don't have cash to pay a cab? Will my sister know to call us if something spills on the new couch? Are we going to lose something in one of the several hotels we're staying? Will I have room to read on the plane? Will my Kindle work on the plane? Will I have time to both catch a nap on the plane and finish a book before we land??? Will I???

That I'm just now doing laundry for the trip wherein I'm fearing losing something which hasn't even been packet yet.

That students begged, scoffed, and inched their way toward burning me at the stake for not providing them late work to do two days before I'm submitting quarter grades. Well, really it's just not okay that I didn't let myself laugh out loud at their request.... because, um, yeah, that's totally ridiculous!

That a bright orange sign on my front door welcomed me home yesterday and scrawled on it, by an apparently worried City Utilities representative, a need for me to schedule an appointment because, and I'm not making this up: "NEED ACTUAL READING ON ELECTRIC METER, PLEASE."  What was out there? Some of those symbols you find on a gambling machine? Cherry, cherry, grapes. Shoot. Try again!

That I'm writing a blog post at this time. And from what I've observed, with no useful, eloquent, or sound reason.

That I feel like a beached whale at t-minus one day of being 23 weeks pregnant.  Isn't that feeling reserved for the 9th month?  I feel like I need to call ahead to my stomach to make a reservation for the food I'm about to send down.  One banana headed your way. Make room!

That I am confused about feeling like a beached whale when I've just admitted quite publicly my questionable practice of eating cereal amid sleeping.