Five Favorites - The Postpartum Edition

I'm linking up with Hallie for my shout-out to things I've loved during my postpartum recovery with the twins.    Writing a five favorites might be something simple enough for my fatigue-ridden brain to handle.  This edition is all about stuff I've been grateful for having during this time, but my heart right now is the world over more consumed in love over little fingers and toes and dressing up five lb babies in matching clothes. But if I started writing about that... I'd just be a mess of tears and never get finished with my post!

I received $30 in iTunes gift cards for Christmas.  It took me months to actually spend any of it. I downloaded Baby Connect the second my friend, Angie, suggested it, trusting that the $5 purchase needed only the prerequisite of a good friend's insistence.  

I'll be writing lots more about nursing in upcoming posts but for now I'll say that we have seen such a beautiful success nursing the twins, and we started tandem nursing less than 24 hours post delivery. If you aren't familiar with tandem nursing, I'll fill you in later; for now: tandem nursing this soon is a big deal! A great portion of the ease and success of our experience is due to this app.  I would go back and spend $30 if I had to, especially with the added complications of keeping track of feedings and diapers for two babies that look absolutely, positively identical.  If you are expecting, and I can't stress this enough, purchase this app! 

My mother-in-law brought this basket of recovery goodies into the hospital. I was so grateful to have a plethora of snacks and drinks to enjoy.  All I had packed were a few Clif bars. I've made a mental note to pass forward this gift basket kindness for a loved one in a similar situation. My favorite item in the basket was Kashi Ripe Strawberry cereal bars. So crazy good! 

Maybe my favorite items later will be that bottle of wine.
I've always secretly wanted a token to remember my birthing by.  But my 1st c-section had me doubled over in a bit of shame and made me grateful Paul hadn't surprised me with a necklace or some other something special to remember the occasion.  When my mom pulled out this gift she hunted down, a wine glass with adjectives of praise scrawled all over it, I was incredibly touched.  Heaven forbid that wine glass ever breaks.  It symbolizes so much of how I feel about being a mom, carrying twins, and birthing in whatever way was necessary to help the boys make their debut. Best gift ever!

My Medela Pump In Style (which is actually brand new because the 1st one I owned was recalled and replaced by the company at the very end of my nursing journey with Thomas). When new moms ask what they should buy, I always say this.  And here's just one of a hundred reasons why these contraptions are worth every single penny... You're looking at 37.5 ounces of frozen milk on Day 5 of post-delivery. 

At the Anderson house, we're big lovers of swaddling.  In efforts to establish the difference between night and day for the boys, we only use the swaddling wraps during the night.  While frugal mommies might skip purchasing swaddle wraps and go forward with their swaddling ingenuity with nothing more than a blanket, I'm no such mom.  I like the velcro packin' pouches so I know my strong little boys won't wiggle their way out 5 minutes after I've wrapped them up.  Here's my sister with the boys last night. Isn't she a cutie?!!

And for a bonus... a photo of my strapping husband with our babies because those are my true and all time favorites (along with my son, Thomas, who would look a bit funny if I cropped his photo-ed self into this black and white shot...)

And time's up for this mommy.  We've got a big day ahead of us with the whole family under one roof!