Ahhhh! Come in. Come see! It's my *new* blog!

Okay. Don't look around too much. I've got tons of work to do still. But I couldn't wait any longer to share with you my new space. 

Paul left for Australia a little over a week ago, and in my vast wisdom chose this stretch of being super removed from him both in time and space to jump into a new blog. Yay!!! Tech nerd that he is, he could have made this process go a lot faster...but this way was much more fun (i.n.d.e.p.e.n....you know the song) and um, frustrating (RSS codes?!?). 

This Good Life is just exactly what it sounds like. It's a blog about my life and time at home with the kids. It's also a place for me to cling to and celebrate all the good!

I stabbed ten balloons in quick succession today with a kitchen knife in front of my shocked kids (#wintergrind). I gather up all the pretties I can. ;)

You can expect talk about homeschool, books, the lovely and chaos all mixed in together in my vocation as wife and mom. Real talk too. And some ramblings... those just come with the territory.

If you've followed me for very long, you might have known my previous blogs as Narrative Heiress and, even further back, Seeking Steward. I still can't tell you what I meant by either of those names, so I'm just as relieved as you are for a blog name that actually fits my personality.  

If you're new here, well well--good to have you! I'm mom to three crazy young boys and wife to a very busy hard-working husband. I used to teach. Now I'm a homeschool mom (1st year). I read as much as I can. Cook. Dance. Paint. Walk. And I get quiet too: introvert. 

If you don't mind being a super awesome friend, please spread the news of my move or comment or follow me on Bloglovin' or tweet at me or whatever. Because #1: been in this house without another adult for 9 days, so your love will be DEEPLY appreciated [ ;) ] and #2: I need to see that this mic really is on.  So if you are getting this message, if you are seeing this new space, holler at me!! 

I love you all!

Ash <3