A book giveaway for your Easter basket!

A representative from the Graham Blanchard publishing company reached out to me. She wanted to get books in (one of) my reader’s hands in exchange for my honest review. And since I welcome and read new books heartily, I gave her a big heck yes. 

Kid lit up the spiritual alley is one facet of our home library woefully under-represented.  I just recently rearranged all of our children’s books and made note of it. Need more religious books for my little waywards. 

Graham Blanchard is giving one lucky reader a set of three board books from the “Knowing my God Series Starter Set”. (Go ahead and say hello below and consider yourself entered.)  

We received one of the books as a sample.  Opening mail is one of the highest form of pleasure in the Anderson house. “Look! More toilet paper!!”

Book mail is the best mail.  When Thomas saw Jesus Helps Me in my hands, he asked to read it and then immediately asked Alistair to sit with him so he could read it to him. And that’s exactly what I like about these books. They bridge a stretch of ages from baby to young child. Baby can bite. Toddler can hear. My 6 year old can read all the words and answer the questions in the back of the book too! 

I’ll keep the giveaway open until this Wednesday (the 16th) at midnight. All you have to do is comment down below…and if you are feeling extra generous let me know a book or two in the spiritual kid lit category you own or have read that would make a great addition for our home library. I will be typing that right away into my mile long Amazon wish list! 

If you want more information, you can (like I do like it’s my job) check Amazon reviews here or take a peek around the Graham Blanchard website here

Best of luck to you! And happy reading, always!