What I've been reading lately

This is my first time linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for a what I've been reading lately post. I had a lot of fun writing my little reviews / reflections for each of these books. It was an unexpected digging for little bits of gold & happy closure too. I've been texting friends and family for a sort of book-club-at-a-distance experience (my mom and I read Peace Like a River together and my friend, Allison, and I read All The Light together), and that's been so cool. Sitting down and writing helped me see even more about the books--a lot of which I'll just have to sit on because #spoileralert is not welcome here. I'm sharing, but not oversharing, and I hope you enjoy! 

Peace Like a River - This book’s cover is all wrong, and what a shame because I think it is quite a good book, one definitely worthy of our time and consideration. A controversial murder scene sends a family on a heroic quest. Their search is one to enjoy, however chilly both in setting and complexity, and to think about later—book finished and returned to shelf. I’m still thinking about it, particularly these things: unseen miracles, family dynamics, misdirected heroism, and the role of goodness in the face of evil. 

Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age, It’s a Financial Number - Enjoyable. That’s not the word you might associate with a book about finances, but that’s exactly the chord Chris Hogan struck. If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey (I listen to his podcast every single morning while I unload dishes), then just imagine someone picking up from the spot Ramsey stops. It’s a great book for those who are just beginning to take retirement seriously (at any age) or those who already have a plan in place but want a little inspiration.  

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - If The War of Art and On Writing had a baby and she had just the kindest nature—Big Magic! Gilbert is able to untangle cynicism from the raw work of the creative life. Her voice is refreshing and light without losing grip on the realities of what it takes to be an artist, to make art, and to be okay with how that art is received. Here’s something. If you are going to read this, consider collecting some quotes and notes. I had so much fun reading Gilbert’s writing that I didn’t feel like grabbing a notebook or sticky-notes, but I really should have! 

All The Light We Cannot See - Doerr spotlights two individuals, one young woman and one young man, in parallel plots during WWII. What we have, drawn out with ridiculously beautiful prose, is a nudge at the responsibility and the capacity of the individual. There’s something else though too, and I think it plays a really interesting part in the larger themes of the novel. Hobbies and interests. How we play with them. How far we let them lead us. What we do with those things once they are fully grown. And how, in incredibly unforeseen ways (and how true to life this is!) those seemingly random hobbies and interests can come to bring life and meaning to others.  Excellent book. Painfully beautiful. Timeless. Good.

And now it's your turn. What have you been reading lately? Any reflections or suggestions you want to share? If you've read any of the books I mentioned, I would love to know your thoughts!